Sunday, January 22, 2012

My first etsy purchase! :)

anyone who knows me, knows that I am not an internet shopper, it scares me, the "what if's" that come with it scare me A LOT!!  I have purchased some stuff online but it makes me nervous! have I said that before?  ;) 
The other day I was "surfing" the web for cake ideas, and accidentally ended up on etsy...  I saw something and LOVED it...  ugh...  I wanted it, I needed it, I instantly thought, WHAT THE HELL!  I'm gonna go for it, so I did, I ordered it, and paid with my paypal account...  YEP!  I'm official now!  ;)  haha!  Then I waited patiently for my purchase to arrive!  ;)  And when it did arrive I was beside myself!  The package it came in was so cute, and the necklace that was inside was even better in person!!  :)

I LOVED my new purchase!  And I can honestly say, if EVERYTHING off of etsy is this CUTE!  Then I'm "all aboard!"  ;)

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