Sunday, January 8, 2012

A fun baby shower for miss Khloe!

I have LOTS AND LOTS of friends that are pregnant...  This means, LOTS AND LOTS of baby showers...  Today was Julie and Khloe's turn!  Jessica and Kati did an awesome job with the shower...  and I was lucky to get to help out with the treats!!  You can read all about the decor/party on Jessica's party blog!
as usual there are  a lot of pics...  then again how could there not be?  thanks for sharing yours Jessica!  :)
Isn't this zebra clothesline adorable, I thought so...  and it was complete with a handmade little beanie that our friend DeBran made!!  so so cute!!  :)
The treat table...  LOVE, LOVE the way the cake looked...  I think this one is really one of my favorites!  :)
...Pretty fresh flower centerpieces....  :)  I LOVE this flower, such a cute color!!  :)
Kati made these YUMMY and oh so cute cookies....  :)
...and I made the cake!  :)
...and the cupcakes!  :)
...the "other" treat table...  you really can NEVER have too many!!  ;)
They had a delicious lunch spread...  croissant sandwiches...
....veggies, muffins, and lots of salad's....  Perfect for a sunday lunch!
....the girl's, playing a game....  ;)
...time for a group shot...  Prom pose anyone??  ;)
haha!!  why not??  ;)

The hostesses with the mostesses and me!!  :)
digging thru our purses for a game, and eating...  nothing wrong with that!!  ;)
This picture made me laugh...  She was all alone out there, ready to eat...  I joined her shortly after...  we take our food seriously!!  haha!!  :)
Jessica brought out this good looking dessert plate...  and YES!  all the treats were just as good as they looked!!  :)
Time for cake....  :) 
getting ready to cut it.....  :)
Thank you Jessica for taking this picture!!  Looks yummy!!  :)
...and a few more!!  ;)

"visiting" around the cake!!  ;)
Me and Miss Julie, the momma to be!!  :)
I hope  you enjoyed your baby shower and treats Julie!!  and I can't wait to meet Miss Khloe in Person!!  :) 

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C@r!ie said...

everything looks SO adorable!!!