Friday, January 6, 2012

My reward..... ;)

After two and a half REALLY long weeks full of holidays and work, with only 2 days off somewhere in between, I finally had a weekend off!!  A WHOLE WEEKEND!!!  OMG!!  I never get weekends off unless I request them..  This one was a "gift," ok maybe not a gift, but the schedule worked out in a way that they HAD to give me the weekend off...  YIIPPEEE!!!  It's what kept me going for the last day or 2...  ;)
And it was the PERFECT weekend to have off, my sister turned 30 on the saturday and we were having a baby shower for my friend julie on sunday..  which meant LOTS of baking for me!! :)  so that's how I relaxed on my weekend off, I baked and celebrated!!  :)  AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!  :)
these pictures came from my phone...  I will upload the better looking one's from the camera on their "special" blogs!  ;)
Happy 30th birthday cupcakes...  :)
....and there was a special cake for miss Kloe too!!  :) 
Here's the "before" picture....  ;)
...and the "still putting it together," pic!!  :)

...Making the crowns that were going to top the cupcakes!!  ;)
...and I ended up making a BIG one to use as a "centerpiece" for the cake!  :)
...and the final product....  pictures aren't bad for having come from my phone!!  ;)
and the FINAL product!!
 I don't know why, but I think this is one of my favorites!!  :)
....and cupcakes, it was definitely a weekend filled with cupcakes!!  lots and lots of cupcakes!  ;)
Here's to hoping that 2012 brings me more of these "surprise" WHOLE weekend off's......  ;)

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