Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What is HAPPINESS to you?

My friend Allison wrote a blog that started off like this a few days ago....  you can find it here.  I remember reading it, and thinking what a GREAT question, and I meant to answer it but the phone must of rang, or there must of been something interesting on tv.?  or maybe I remembered something else I had to do...  haha!  YES, I am VERY easily distracted, and I hear it EVERYDAY!  Oh well, it is what it is...  Back to the blog, and my answer...  Immediatly after reading it I thought, that's an easy answer, and I started making a "list," in my head,
the kids
my parents
my friends
Not necessarily in that order...  ;)
AND then today I finally figured it out...  SURE, ALL of those things make me happy, but why? Today as I was driving my friend to the hospital, her mom was there and she wanted nothing else than to be with her.... 
It hit me....  HELPING people and being there for them is what makes ME happy....  It is truly what makes my cup stay half full.  For the most part...  There are definitely "not so happy" days, but those are thankfully very few and far between!!  ;) 
There's nothing more fulfilling and "happy" than watching the reaction of the kids when they see me, hearing 'RIIIIIAAAAA  across the store when they come in to visit, or when they open the door to let me in at their house, or just to get my attention.  Or the way that they lovinly snuggle, and want me to play with them...  For the girls and their excitement over coming to visit and hang out with Tia MJ!  They bring more happiness to my life than they will ever know, and for that I  AM HAPPILY GRATEFUL EVERYDAY!!  :)
There is also nothing more "happily" fulfilling than knowing that you have made as much of an impact in someone else's life as they have in yours.... 
Being spontaneous, and doing things without reservation!  :)
RESPECT....  This one is BIG!
and of course the companionship of a good friend, and definitely family members, it means we are surrounded by GREAT people!  and everyday I am happily thankful for the friends/family I have been  blessed with!  ;)
Or in knowing that you've helped someone in a way that they NEVER expected, this is what makes me happy, doing things for people, treating people like I want to be treated.... 
so there you have it, the things that make me happy and why...  ;) Makes this quote I received today, so much more "true,"  ;)
"Happiness is in the heart,
not in the circumstances."
- Author Unknown
 Thanks Allison for giving me something to think about!!  ;)  What makes you happy??


alibab said...

I posted a pic to Facebook. I totally meant to post it on my happiness blog, but... I totally forgot!! Maybe you can use it!! :)

maria said...

you have a happiness blog?? hah! that's great... I'll go look now! I posted the link on my comment, But I don't think it worked!

alibab said...

No, sorry, I meant when I did my "what is happiness to you?" I meant to include the pic, but I totally forgot about it. I didn't know how to add it on here, so I posted it to your facebook. :)

alibab said...

This was a GREAT blog too by the way. I get so sidetracked sometimes. I'm totally blaming the MS. ;-)

kelli said...

Great post! You sound like a wonderful friend and your friends are very luck to have you in thier life.
I love the saying you posted~