Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thankful Sunday

Sooooo much to be thankful for...
New babies,
FINALLY feeling like life is back to normal,
My iPhone, never thought those words would come out of my mouth! ;).
Instagram... Thanks Jessica, I blame you for my new obsession, and you're right I LOVE it! :)
Soccer with the boys,
A much needed and very refreshing hair appt.
Angry bird cake pops, I can't wait for the kids to see them! :)
Baking with friends
Nichole's mini empanadas.... They were delightful!
Channel 7's breaking news app... ;)
Girl's night,
Fluffy clouds,
Long drives at midnight to meet a new member of the "family"
4 hour Sunday afternoon naps, after an eventful and fun weekend! :)
Lemonades, they have to be best girls scout cookies around,
My camera, and photography...
Pedi's with friends...
Random hello texts in the middle of the night! ;)
beautiful sunrises on the way to work..
Family dinners!
Family lunches on Sunday!
In sure there's more but those were the "highlights" of the week! ;)

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