Monday, February 6, 2012

A gloomy day!

Today I was gloomy,
There really wasn't a particular reason why,
I just was....
...and it was obvious, well to those that know me well...
"are you tired? mad? sad? what's wrong?"
my answer nothing, I'm fine, but I did feel blah.... 
I went to lunch, I thought maybe I needed to eat?
well that didn't work..
I came back from lunch and admitted it..
 "I was gloomy"
the answer?  well DUH!!  haha!
I went back to work, and thought about it,
then I figured it out, 
At first I was sad, then I got mad,
I hate lies, and I have no respect for people who lie,
or for people who think that it's ok to be "shaddy"
and a little dishonest!
and when people do this it makes me sad, and then really, really mad...
Long story short and with no details, they're unnecessary...
Someone's dishonesty and lack of respect to me, because at this point it was disrespect to me, and the fact that I may have gotten in trouble had I gone along with it, made me gloomy today, and sad, and so mad that I wanted sooooo badly to cry, oh wait I did, when I got to the car....
I hate doing things wrong the first time and then wasting "precious" time doing them the way I wanted to in the first place...  the right way! 
I hate when people try, and I emphasize try, because most of the time it doesn't work!  ;) to make me look stupid, I can do that all on my own thanks!
But I mostly hate when my honesty is questioned...  I know I usually err on the side of honesty, BUT it's who I am, I hate lies, and I don't lie, and it still amazes me when people lie and think I'm gonna go along with it!
Someday people will figure out that lying and being "shaddy" will always come out in the end. Lies can't be hidden, at least not for long.  And when they are finally caught the only ones who look stupid is them...  right?  right??  ;)
As for me I will continue to live my life with
Honesty, and Integrity
Because that is the way I was brought up...  and because that is what let's me sleep at night!  ;)  And with that I will leave today's gloomy-ness behind me, and remember to
Because, well finding this is what made a gloomy day better today!!  Gotta LOVE that Katie girl!!  ;)
Here's to a GREAT week for everyone!!  :)

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