Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lazy thursday......

Thursdays are usually my days off.... Usually I have something planned, something to look forward too.... this week it was different, I had absolutely no plans.... I did wake up early, but didn't really do much, there was a lot of computer time.... hahaha!! I shopped, sort of, ;) I updated and caught up with my blog..... there were many unfinished ones, there was some laundry to be done too, and i can't forget about those 90210 re-runs..... ;) so far it sounds as if all I did was relax and be on the computer all morning..... eventually I decided to get ready and go out and finish some errands, of course I ended up at Target..... It seems that I have to make a trip there at least once a week! :D I had seen these shoes last time I was there, and I fell in LOVE with them.... but they were out of my size..... I LOVE anything bright, so these were right up my alley! I went ahead an picked them up this time, since they actually had my size..... I can't wait to wear them!!! :) ...... Mmmmmmmm...... these were waiting for me when I got home, homemade eclairs..... :-D My momma is the best! I was so excited that I went ahead and ate 2 right away!! hahaha!!! it's a good thing I had such a big lunch..... it meant that I got to skip dinner and jump right into dessert!! :)
So that was the end to a very lazy, yet full thursday!! looking at the eclair pictures just made me hungry again..... maybe I'll go have another!! ;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily

After work on tuesday Jessica and I drove out to Palm Springs to surprise Emily for her birthday, she was out there for a few days with Melissa and their mom.... on our way out there Jessica spotted this really cool looking cloud.... i'm glad she thought to take a couple of pictures! i'm pretty sure these kind of clouds only happen in the dessert and where the sky's are clear..... :)
Me and Jessica at dinner.... we ate at Las Casuelas, a mexican restaurant on the main strip, the food was tasty!! I'm sure I ate enough chips and salsa for 2 or maybe 3! ;)
The birthday girl with her birthday flan!
..... and a the infamous group shot! :)
After dinner we went back to their hotel, to check it out and look around.... I must say that it definitly had character!! ;) hahaha!!! Happy Birthday Emily....

Monday, April 26, 2010

a not so good monday, let to......

..... a little taste of retail therapy!! ;)

I don't know what it was about today..... let's just say that it started off GREAT, but it definitly took a turn for the worst REALLY fast...... This bright sunny day shirt sure made my day though..... hahaha!!! I saw it a while ago, and didn't get it.... today I went back to the store and it was waiting for me... just sitting there waiting to brighten my day!! :) here's to hoping that the rest of the week is better!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day.
~Author Unknown

Talk about the perfect quote! ;) This week started out kinda rough, monday was not the best day, but it was nothing a little golden spoon couldn't fix.... :) so that was the "something" good in monday! well let's see...... golden spoon and good conversation..... Thank you Jessica for sharing with me..... ;) hahaha! that always helps..... :) and I even got some Ella and Luke time that day too... oh how I enjoy those moments!!!

Then there was tuesday, ummmmm...... let's just say that tuesday was the day I lost 4 hours of my life that I so wish I could get back!! hahaha!!! gotta LOVE the fact that the HP computer person I was talking to was in India.... I guess i do have to give him credit for trying sooooo hard to make small talk!! hahaha!!! ;)
The rest of the week kinda came and went..... thursday was fun, while my parents left to go visit a friend at the hospital I got to lay around and watch movies..... i called it relaxing.... :) lol, and I also had 2 lunches..... have I mentioned how much I LOVE food??? thanks Gaby and Rosie for sharing lunch with me, I got some puppy nephew time..... then it was off to play with the kids, The Princess and the Frog was actually better than I expected..... :)

The weekend was amazingly busy...... Gaby and I worked on invitations for her "special" surprise, then it was off to spend some quality time with Matt, Charles, Heather and Angie..... we shopped a little, ate a lot, played at the Bass Pro Shops and even attended the Art show Angie's students put together..... talk about a busy day!! but we had a good time.... ..... and I even got some new shoes!! ;)
There was a moose at the Bass Pro Shops..... might as well take his pic!! :)
Then Sunday came along...... time to celebrate Marcela's b-day and have some much needed quality "girl" time..... we met at the Tustin town center and had lunch and played "catch up" it was definitly a great time!!!
Happy Birthday Marcela!! :D

...... And there you have it.... my week in a nutshell..... always lots to be thankful for, even though there were some bumps in the road at the beginning..... but like I said earlier.... it was really nothing a little "'friend" time and some golden spoon couldn't fix!!! :) 'till next week!!!

I LOVE my sister!!!! :)

Fun times are always had with my sister...... :) we went to a famiy friends baby shower, and of course had a photo shoot! I cherish "sister" time so much these days, It seems that the older we both get, the closer we get..... and I so totally Love that! :) I can truly say that she is one of my best friends..... :) Love ya sissy!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rainy Day schedule!

The weather has been a little on the odd side in April..... Now I know April is supposed to bring "showers" but there have been waaaaay too many showers these days for my liking!! hahaha
It was pouring down rain on my day off, but it still turned out to be a fun day.... I ended up meeting my sister for lunch, the I visited with Rosie for a second lunch.... it's true, I sometimes eat 2 lunches...... I blame it on "socialization" ;) it's kinda like drinking, but with food.... if everyone else is eating I can't possibly turn it down.... right??? hahaha! :) then I went and visited with Jessica and the kids for the afternoon..... she made us snacks, because I needed more food..... ;) we enjoyed the afternoon with popcorn and hot chocolate, and then watched the Princess and the Frog..... It was a cute movie, well what I saw of it anyway.... looks like I'll have to watch it again, just so I can see the whole thing! here are a few pictures of the fun-filled "rainy day schedule" afternoon!! :) Thanks Jessica for taking the pictures!!

"rainy day" treats..... popcorn and hot chocolate, yumm..
Me and Ella Bella.... :) look at all that tasty popcorn!!
hahaha!!! look at how excited she was.... :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, a day of "gratefulness".... :)

On my drive home today I decided that I'm going to start a new "feature" blog..... I'm going to try and find at least 5 things that happened in the last week, that I'm grateful for!!! I know it kinda sounds cheesy, but I can't help but feel that sometimes we get "stuck" in the negative things that happen in everyday life..... A while ago I had a conversation with a friend and while I appreciate that he was BRUTALLY honest.... ;) he was right, I feel like maybe I had become too "involved" with the things that had NOT been going right in my life! ;) so here we go with the first entry..... :)

1. first off I'm grateful for tuesday afternoon shopping trips, and this time it was kid "free" ok it did feel weird that they weren't there, but Jessica and I had a GREAT time shopping and talking and eating pretzels, and drinking smoothies.... I so LOVE quality time with friends, It's the best, and YES! we both did miss the kids, kind of! ;)
2. I'm also grateful that I have a job, as hard as times are these days, I think it's fair to say that having a job, with set hours and set days is not so bad, EVEN when I have to wake up at the crack of dawn! ;)
3. Then there's coffee, wether it be from Starbucks or from the new Keurig machine.... coffee makes me happy! :)
4. Oh and I can't forget how GRATEFUL I am for massages and Shaunna, the best massage therapist out there..... I don't know what I would do without her.... a massage truly made my WHOLE day on thursday.... hahaha!!! :) it's the little things....
5. This week I'm also grateful for telephones, where would we be if it wasn't for them? How in the world would I get random pictures of my God daughter doing silly things, and movies of her dancing uncontrolibly for absolutelly no reason at all?? and how we send or receive a "thinking of you" txt?? or a "checking in" txt?? I like to randomly send these, just to see how people are doing, and to let them know that I'm thinking of them.... :) I know we all get busy, but it's nice to "catch up" and see what's going on with everyone else!
6. I guess random 4am txt messages are good too.... even if they're about nothing at all... means someone's thinking of you right?? ;)
7. I'm also grateful for quality family time.... Sushi with the sister and the brother in law was awesome, and dinner with my parents and brother was fun too.... I seem to appreciate these times a lot more since they don't happen that often anymore, everyone seems to be busy these days, so quality time is hard to come by, but it is great when it happens!! :)
8. Today i HAVE to say that I'm also grateful for cheesecake.... as it is around cheesecake that lots of reminiscing was done, and new memories were made with old friends.... :)
9. Oh and how could I forget the Thank You notes that I received from my favorite little people this week??? They were hand drawn and stickered just for me!! :) Oh how I loved getting them.... totally made my day!! :)
10. I'm grateful for the great circle of friends and family that I have... seriously I wouldn't be the person that I am, if it wasn't for you guys! :) funny I don't think I tell my friends or family how grateful and blessed I am to have them in my life.... maybe I should do something about that too!! ;)
there you have it.... WOW!! I came up with way more things than I thought I would.... hahaha.... Who knew ;) until next sunday.... this was kinda fun, I'm looking forward to more things to be grateful about in the next week!! Have a good one everyone!! :)

Mmmmm... What a TERRIFIC way to end a fun-filled friend day! :)

mmmmm.... we taste tested tested 4 different kinds that we hadn't tasted before, and they were delicious..... starting from the front, the white chocolate raspberry truffle, then there was a new one, the mango key lime pie cheesecake, not a fan favorite, but I thought it was VERY tasty! we HAD to have the vanilla bean one, Charles wouldn't step out of his "box".... ;) and last but not least there was the blueberry something or other cheesecake that turned out to be delicious as well!!! :0 there you have it, a review of cheesecake!! :) I LOVED them all equally..... hahaha

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The first game of the season!!!

A's vs. Angels.... Angels win! ;)
Baseball season is here again.... I LOVE it!!! Isaac got us the most perfect seats.... yeah they were a little higher than we're used too... but the view was awesome.... I could actually pay attention.... :) I tried a new beer this time around.... i don't usually drink beer, but this one was actually good, and after I realized how much we paid for it, it became that much better! ;) hahaha.... that was so peer pressure at it's best! ;0 and we also ordered our food from the guy walking around... who knew a hot dog could be so good?? and we didn't have to leave the comfort of our sets.... they came to us!! :) enought about the food we ate and on to the game, and the rest of the pictures..... :)
hahaha.... isaac wanted so badly to ruin our picture... this is what he gets.... :)

oh yeah I forgot to mention they delivered ice cream sandwiches to us too!! and man were they good.... and I'm not too big on sweets... but there was some sort of heavenly fudge filling inside, that made them soooo good!!
Angels win 4-3... granted it was the only game of the 3 game series against the A's that they won.... it was still a win... and It's not my fault that it always happens that way!! hahaha.... poor Isaac and Sheila, maybe next time guys! ;)
Go Angels..... :)
Sheila, Tracey and I
Angels win, can you tell by the look on Isaac's face??
pretending to be mad! hahaha
I'm not sure why, but i LOVE this picture of Isaac, Tracey and his aunt Sheila
Until next time!!! ;)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disneyland for Vides' birthday.....

Happy To You Vides!!! :)
Vides turned 4 this year.... they came down for the week, and we decided that there was no better way to celebrate than going to Disneyland.... so off we went! Gaby and I drove to LAX early in the morning to drop Mike off, we turned around and came home to pick the rest of the troops up! we were ready and on our way by 10am..... It turned out to be a terrific day to go! the weather was perfect.... :)
My mom and dad offered to watch Baby Lucciana, this way everyone got to enjoy the rides and Lu, got vero and chato time..... :) they had a blast, and they kept sending us picture messages, to tell us about their day.. gotta love cell phones these days! ;) here are a few of them! :) My parents are sure enjoying their "grandparent" time.... it's GREAT! :)
My dad was holding her..... I LOVE it!! :)

here's a reandom solo shot of me at disneyland..... hahaha!! let the birthday adventure begin! :D
Gaby and V..... they were waiting for me, in front of the castle
hahaha..... she was so excited!

My sister and my cousin.... Love them!!

we found Dumbo!
awwwww..... we got to ride the Casey's Circus train, what a great time for a family picture!
a pretty flower I spotted..... It is definitly Spring time!
On the story boat ride.... V, got to sit up front.... :) we wanted a picture, BUT she wanted to show me something! see her hand trying to turn my face.....
Oh No!!! we're going to inside the whale MJ!
I'm watching for whales guys! :D

Then we were off to wait in line to meet the Princesses', the wait was definitlyn a LONG one, but she was so excited, that it made it that much more worth it!! :) Gaby and I got her a Belle dress she could wear, and she LOVED it! she kept telling us she loved it.... hahaha!! it was so cute!
she put it on right away! :)
and then she preceded to pose for pictures for us!
Vides and her papi!

Vides and her mami!
showing Cinderella her dress....

Snow White is currently her favorite princess
V, and her tias..... :)
a picture with Sleeping Beauty

Gaby and I decided to go see the captain EO show..... ummmmm.... let's just say that we both took a 20 minute snooze while we were in there..... it may have been that we both needed a little break, we had gotten up early and it was kinda hot.... or maybe the show wasn't that interesting??? hahaha!! who knows?? I think maybe we should give it another try?? ;)
our last ride was thunder mountain, and it was a perfect place to watch the fireworks..... :) here is our attempt at a firework pic!! :)
and there it is..... we had the best time, and thanks to my parents offering to watch the baby we all got to ride the rides, and we also got to make the day all about V which she was excited about!!! :)