Sunday, April 25, 2010

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day.
~Author Unknown

Talk about the perfect quote! ;) This week started out kinda rough, monday was not the best day, but it was nothing a little golden spoon couldn't fix.... :) so that was the "something" good in monday! well let's see...... golden spoon and good conversation..... Thank you Jessica for sharing with me..... ;) hahaha! that always helps..... :) and I even got some Ella and Luke time that day too... oh how I enjoy those moments!!!

Then there was tuesday, ummmmm...... let's just say that tuesday was the day I lost 4 hours of my life that I so wish I could get back!! hahaha!!! gotta LOVE the fact that the HP computer person I was talking to was in India.... I guess i do have to give him credit for trying sooooo hard to make small talk!! hahaha!!! ;)
The rest of the week kinda came and went..... thursday was fun, while my parents left to go visit a friend at the hospital I got to lay around and watch movies..... i called it relaxing.... :) lol, and I also had 2 lunches..... have I mentioned how much I LOVE food??? thanks Gaby and Rosie for sharing lunch with me, I got some puppy nephew time..... then it was off to play with the kids, The Princess and the Frog was actually better than I expected..... :)

The weekend was amazingly busy...... Gaby and I worked on invitations for her "special" surprise, then it was off to spend some quality time with Matt, Charles, Heather and Angie..... we shopped a little, ate a lot, played at the Bass Pro Shops and even attended the Art show Angie's students put together..... talk about a busy day!! but we had a good time.... ..... and I even got some new shoes!! ;)
There was a moose at the Bass Pro Shops..... might as well take his pic!! :)
Then Sunday came along...... time to celebrate Marcela's b-day and have some much needed quality "girl" time..... we met at the Tustin town center and had lunch and played "catch up" it was definitly a great time!!!
Happy Birthday Marcela!! :D

...... And there you have it.... my week in a nutshell..... always lots to be thankful for, even though there were some bumps in the road at the beginning..... but like I said earlier.... it was really nothing a little "'friend" time and some golden spoon couldn't fix!!! :) 'till next week!!!

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