Saturday, April 10, 2010

The first game of the season!!!

A's vs. Angels.... Angels win! ;)
Baseball season is here again.... I LOVE it!!! Isaac got us the most perfect seats.... yeah they were a little higher than we're used too... but the view was awesome.... I could actually pay attention.... :) I tried a new beer this time around.... i don't usually drink beer, but this one was actually good, and after I realized how much we paid for it, it became that much better! ;) hahaha.... that was so peer pressure at it's best! ;0 and we also ordered our food from the guy walking around... who knew a hot dog could be so good?? and we didn't have to leave the comfort of our sets.... they came to us!! :) enought about the food we ate and on to the game, and the rest of the pictures..... :)
hahaha.... isaac wanted so badly to ruin our picture... this is what he gets.... :)

oh yeah I forgot to mention they delivered ice cream sandwiches to us too!! and man were they good.... and I'm not too big on sweets... but there was some sort of heavenly fudge filling inside, that made them soooo good!!
Angels win 4-3... granted it was the only game of the 3 game series against the A's that they won.... it was still a win... and It's not my fault that it always happens that way!! hahaha.... poor Isaac and Sheila, maybe next time guys! ;)
Go Angels..... :)
Sheila, Tracey and I
Angels win, can you tell by the look on Isaac's face??
pretending to be mad! hahaha
I'm not sure why, but i LOVE this picture of Isaac, Tracey and his aunt Sheila
Until next time!!! ;)

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