Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rainy Day schedule!

The weather has been a little on the odd side in April..... Now I know April is supposed to bring "showers" but there have been waaaaay too many showers these days for my liking!! hahaha
It was pouring down rain on my day off, but it still turned out to be a fun day.... I ended up meeting my sister for lunch, the I visited with Rosie for a second lunch.... it's true, I sometimes eat 2 lunches...... I blame it on "socialization" ;) it's kinda like drinking, but with food.... if everyone else is eating I can't possibly turn it down.... right??? hahaha! :) then I went and visited with Jessica and the kids for the afternoon..... she made us snacks, because I needed more food..... ;) we enjoyed the afternoon with popcorn and hot chocolate, and then watched the Princess and the Frog..... It was a cute movie, well what I saw of it anyway.... looks like I'll have to watch it again, just so I can see the whole thing! here are a few pictures of the fun-filled "rainy day schedule" afternoon!! :) Thanks Jessica for taking the pictures!!

"rainy day" treats..... popcorn and hot chocolate, yumm..
Me and Ella Bella.... :) look at all that tasty popcorn!!
hahaha!!! look at how excited she was.... :)


B is for Boring said...

Hmmm I need to see the princess and the frog too... and what a cute popcorn popper...

maria said...

yeah I need to watch it again.... i didn't watch it all.... and I know.... that popcorn pooper is super cute! I'm thinking I NEED one too!! :)