Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy To You Vides!

we had dinner at Gaby and Mike's to celebrate Vides' actual birthday complete with birthday cake..... here she is with my dad, I think they were watching a movie, she LOVES her Chato... :) baby Lu was snoozing away next to them! Bea's longtime friend Roberta came to visit with them this time.....
I LOVE this picture..... she actually went up and squeezed in between them on the couch! awww....
hahaha!!! this picture cracks me up..... introducing the Moralez family!! ;)
waiting to blow out the candles, and telling me how old she is!
ready, set...... blow
then it was time for presents..... and what do you know she got a firetruck..... she was so excited! hahaha!! that's her "excited" smile!
she also got a tutu!
which she put on, right away!! ;)
Roberta and Evy, with Lu
a bigger smile!!! :D :D my solo!
My mom and the baby!
seriously??? V ran around with this bag on her head for who knows how long..... hahaha!! next year I'm just going to get her a bag! ;)
It was the birthday bag with feet!!! hahaha!

Happy 4th Birthday V!

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