Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disneyland for Vides' birthday.....

Happy To You Vides!!! :)
Vides turned 4 this year.... they came down for the week, and we decided that there was no better way to celebrate than going to Disneyland.... so off we went! Gaby and I drove to LAX early in the morning to drop Mike off, we turned around and came home to pick the rest of the troops up! we were ready and on our way by 10am..... It turned out to be a terrific day to go! the weather was perfect.... :)
My mom and dad offered to watch Baby Lucciana, this way everyone got to enjoy the rides and Lu, got vero and chato time..... :) they had a blast, and they kept sending us picture messages, to tell us about their day.. gotta love cell phones these days! ;) here are a few of them! :) My parents are sure enjoying their "grandparent" time.... it's GREAT! :)
My dad was holding her..... I LOVE it!! :)

here's a reandom solo shot of me at disneyland..... hahaha!! let the birthday adventure begin! :D
Gaby and V..... they were waiting for me, in front of the castle
hahaha..... she was so excited!

My sister and my cousin.... Love them!!

we found Dumbo!
awwwww..... we got to ride the Casey's Circus train, what a great time for a family picture!
a pretty flower I spotted..... It is definitly Spring time!
On the story boat ride.... V, got to sit up front.... :) we wanted a picture, BUT she wanted to show me something! see her hand trying to turn my face.....
Oh No!!! we're going to inside the whale MJ!
I'm watching for whales guys! :D

Then we were off to wait in line to meet the Princesses', the wait was definitlyn a LONG one, but she was so excited, that it made it that much more worth it!! :) Gaby and I got her a Belle dress she could wear, and she LOVED it! she kept telling us she loved it.... hahaha!! it was so cute!
she put it on right away! :)
and then she preceded to pose for pictures for us!
Vides and her papi!

Vides and her mami!
showing Cinderella her dress....

Snow White is currently her favorite princess
V, and her tias..... :)
a picture with Sleeping Beauty

Gaby and I decided to go see the captain EO show..... ummmmm.... let's just say that we both took a 20 minute snooze while we were in there..... it may have been that we both needed a little break, we had gotten up early and it was kinda hot.... or maybe the show wasn't that interesting??? hahaha!! who knows?? I think maybe we should give it another try?? ;)
our last ride was thunder mountain, and it was a perfect place to watch the fireworks..... :) here is our attempt at a firework pic!! :)
and there it is..... we had the best time, and thanks to my parents offering to watch the baby we all got to ride the rides, and we also got to make the day all about V which she was excited about!!! :)


B is for Boring said...

Ay baby Lucciana is adorable!

maria said...

awwww.... thanks.... we kinda think so too!! I can;t get enough of her... oh how I wish they lived here! :/