Thursday, April 1, 2010

Downtown Disney with the parents!! :)

Gaby and I took a trip to Downtown Disney with the parents..... We thought it'd be the perfect opportunity explore and let my parents walk around for a while, while Gaby bought a new pass, so we'd be ready for Vides' b-day... then we went inside and hit a couple of rides while my parents walked around and rode the tram.... hahaha!!! :) My dad took this picture and quickly loaded it to facebook... ;) technology these days!! ;)
hahaha!! here he is sending the picture, while my mom tells him that it better be a good one!! :)
The Disneyland Hotel
I LOVE that my parents still hold hands on walks.... :)
We found a Mickey... Say Cheese!!!

A picture with some of my friends!! :)
Gaby and some of her friends!! :)
we found the coy fish pond!
..... and a waterfall

and a pretty place for a "solo"
hahaha!!! she was in her own world.... I have no idea what she was doing here ;)
a close-up.... say cheese!
ahhhhhh.... the red phone booth! had to have a picture with it! we had the best time, and we got to explore places we hadn't been in a while :)


B is for Boring said...

Thats funny - I can't tell you how many people I know have pictures in the red phone booth...

maria said...

hahaha!!! I can't tell you how excited I was when I spotted it!! ;)