Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily

After work on tuesday Jessica and I drove out to Palm Springs to surprise Emily for her birthday, she was out there for a few days with Melissa and their mom.... on our way out there Jessica spotted this really cool looking cloud.... i'm glad she thought to take a couple of pictures! i'm pretty sure these kind of clouds only happen in the dessert and where the sky's are clear..... :)
Me and Jessica at dinner.... we ate at Las Casuelas, a mexican restaurant on the main strip, the food was tasty!! I'm sure I ate enough chips and salsa for 2 or maybe 3! ;)
The birthday girl with her birthday flan!
..... and a the infamous group shot! :)
After dinner we went back to their hotel, to check it out and look around.... I must say that it definitly had character!! ;) hahaha!!! Happy Birthday Emily....

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