Thursday, November 24, 2011


Blogging about Thanksgiving in January! Yep, I guess I'm a little behind! ;)  But another one of this year's motto's is going to be "Better late than Never!"  :)
Thanksgiving started by me making these little guys that I found on the idea room blog...  if haven't visit it yet, you should, she has some really great things!  These little guys were very easy to make...  very time consuming, but not hard!  ;)  And the kids LOVED them!!  :)
and again...  Nothing says Thanksgiving like my mom's table FULL of yummy food....  ;)  No ham or yams this year...  But the turkey was good!!  haha!  ;)
...anyone for a little "bubbly?"
...and treats, we had lots of pies and a special chocolate, chocolate cake!  :)  Happy Birthday Little Brother!
My Brother's birthday always falls around Thanksgiving, so every year we sing and celebrate for him on Thanksgiving day!  :)  ooopppssss...  looks like I cut my dad off?  weird!

...and Mike and Gaby decided to play games....  haha!
...and then we had a sister photo shoot, I liked this one the best!  ;)
....and one with Mom!  ;)
...looking back through these now I wish I would of noticed that there weren't any pictures with my dad...  He was there, enjoying dinner and "kid" time with us though!!  ;)  Here's to another fun family filled Thanksgiving!  :) 

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