Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feliz cumpleaños Tía Lela!!

Nothing like a Birthday dinner to make someone feel a little special!  :) 
My mom and I decided to take out one of my grandma's, it's a long explanation, grandma is easiest!  ;) to celebrate her b-day...  We picked her up and went to Macaroni Grill...  :)
We started dinner with a fabulous salad!  I LOVE their dressing!  ;)
....the chicken caprese looked pretty good...  and I heard it wasn't bad!  ;)
I had the lasagna bolognese, you shouldn't be surprised...  I wasn't!  ;)
I fixed it so that they would sing her Happy Birthday...  and what do you know??  they actually do it in Italian...  YEEESSS!!!  Look at how happy and excited for that chocolate cake she was!!  ;)
Yummmm!!  they served this delicious warm chocolate cake with fresh chocolate ganache and whipped cream...  and let me tell you!  they were delicious!  :)
Feliz Cumpleanos Tia Lela...  Here's to doing it again soon!!  ;)

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