Sunday, November 6, 2011

A barrel of candy

I've mentioned before how much I LOVE to bake...  and I follow a lot of fun, and delicious blogs where I get my ideas from...  ;)  I'm still a little scared to "create" stuff on my own...  plus a lot of the time I have little helpers with me, so we need easy to follow and not really messy stuff to do!  :)  I LOVE my quality "baking" time with the kids....  I saw the idea for this cake on recipegirl's blog, I LOVED the idea, and REALLY, REALLY wanted to make it for someone, just wasn't sure who!!  Then Bobby had a birthday and I was hanging out with the kids, so I thought, "what a GREAT way to keep the children entertained for a little while!"  and baked goods always make for a good part of a b-day gift!  ;)  I went ahead and baked the cake ahead of time...  Yummy red velvet!  ;)
When I got to their house I frosted it and we started "putting it together!" Recipegirl said to use chocolate frosting and that TOTALLY makes sense...  BUT I wasn't sure how red velvet and chocolate would taste like...  I was afraid that it would be too much chocolate, so we went with cream cheese frosting!  ;)
The kids helped me "build" with the kit kats, they were funny, they would occasionally "accidentally" break one in half, so they HAD to eat it!!!  haha!
Then we poured in the M&M's...  see why the chocolate frosting would of made more sense?  ;)

.....and after discussing with the kids, we decided that we needed MORE M&M's, so we ran off to the store for another bag...  haha....  seeeeee.... much better, plus this way we had more left over to eat..  ;)  Then Miss Ella used her phenomenal writing skills, and wrote on the cake for me!  ;)

our finished product!  ;)  she was just as proud as she looked on the pic!!  ;)

..... one more of our fun, SUPER easy and yummy cake creation, it was so easy that EVERYONE got to help!!  ;)

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