Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I ran across these little guys on twitter, one of the "foodies," I follow posted about them...  and let me tell  you, I fell instantly IN LOVE with them, I got the supplies and thought they would be super cute to bring to the work pot-luck.  BUT first I wanted to try and make them, to make sure they weren't a complete "fail."  I thought I would send them home with Jessica, I would use the kids as my guinea pigs!  ;)
The initial idea came from the idea room, you can see those here.
These are mine!  ;)  They actually weren't hard to make at all...  the hardest part was finding the "perfect" candy corn for the feet!

I got a picture at work the next day showing me the excitement when the kids saw the treats...  ;)  haha!!  made my day...  I was glad that they liked them!!

trying out my new lens while making the turkeys...  I'm not sure why, BUT I think this is one of my new favorite pictures!!  ;)  I LOVE my mom's colorful rose's

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