Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4 of thanks!

Today it's Laughter:  Mainly because I am almost certain that if it wasn't for the ability of me to laugh, I would of surely cried at one point today!  ;) 
I am going to be COMPLETELY honest right now, and say that I had a REALLY hard time being thankful today...  ALL I could think about is the fact that bad luck follows me... 
this only happened because it was me!  ugh! 
#30days of thanks, day 4:  laughter...  if it wasn't for you...  I surely would of cried at one point today...  ;)
It's funny I went back to work, red lightning is ok....  she's mostly just scratched and dented a little...  and ALL I could thing of what DAMN this is my payback for NOT EVER forwarding those stupid chain letters I used to get in College! UGH!!!  Bad luck for how many years did it say??  and are those years almost over??  eeecckkk!!!
Well the day wasn't all bad...  I did get to visit with one of my favorite Co-Workers today...  Miss Karen I hope you feel better, and thank you and Steve for your sweet words, one day hopefully soon!...  ;)
and then there was a not so bad dessert date...  ;) 
So there you have it...  a somewhat hard, yet thankful 4th day...  Here's to hoping tomorrow is LOTS better!!  ;)

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