Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My very special project!!

...A Quilt, for a SPECIAL baby, my absolute NEW LOVE!!!  :)
One of my old college roomates informed me that she was pregnant a few months ago, so it was time to give her a baby shower...  they chose a day at the end of November, I had to hurry up and "create" something FAST.  It seems to me that as soon as October hits, life gets overwhelmingly busy...  I thought about it, knew what I wanted to do, I asked my friend Sharon for help with the back part, it was embroidered, and my machine isn't that "talented." And that's as far as I got until 3 days before the shower...  AHHHHHH!!!  Have I ever mentioned I work better under pressure??  Well let me assure you that this probably one of the busiest weekends in November, and I ended up pulling it off, BARELY! and actually finishing it with 30 minutes to get ready, yes I said get ready, and that was for the shower in the OC!!  THANK GOD I had requested the day off...  I know, I know, I cut it REALLY REALLY close this time!!  I was so happy with how it turned out though, totally made the stress worth it!  Here's a couple of pics of the process... and the final product... 
the front and back of it...  my friend Sharon embroidered "LOVE" strategically all over a white piece of fabric..  I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first, but, I LOVED how it turned out!
sewing away!!!  :)
getting a "reminder" on folding the corners!  ;/
ALL DONE!!!  and with minutes to spare!!  ;)  Cute huh??  Baby still doesn't have a name, so I passed on "personalizing" it...
...and my mom knitted this one for baby!!
and the last 2 pictures are one's I edited and posted on twitter!!  :)  I also LOVE the editing picture feature my phone has to offer!!  ;)

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