Sunday, March 6, 2011

This week was.........

....somewhat of a stressful one, I'm not gonna lie.... But I think it was a week in which I learned an unbelievable valuable lesson....  I learned that I am in complete control of my "destiny," YES!  God has a plan for me, but I get to make some of the choices...  (I already knew that, but I think this week gave me the "swift kick in the a**, that I needed, to "remember" this"!)  ;)  so in light of lay-offs, and multiple bumping going on at work, I "shopped" around for schools, it's something I've been talking about for a while now..... and this looks and feels like the perfect time to start....  ;)  and started discussions for "the treat table", both new adventures that I am ready to take on FULL SPEED!  Now I just need to decide what school, and what program, and how long, and how much!  I'm no longer scared....  Albertson's put me thru school the first time, looks like they're going to do it again!  ;)  As for the other adventure, I couldn't be more excited....  I've done lots of research on the "what's" and I have millions of ideas....  AND that's all I will say for now!  ;)
That wasn't the only stressor of the week though....  On tuesday morning, my grandma fell and couldn't get up, for hours....  funny that I used to think this was hillarious when I was younger...  haha!  It's not so funny anymore!  ;)  I have no idea what she hit her head on, but she really did hurt herself, scratched up her whole face, and bruised up the rest of her body....  argh...  getting old sucks...  we stayed with her on tuesday just in case it happened again...  she seems fine now, except of course for the awesome black eye she's sporting these days...  :/
I got to hang out with the fanzo kids on tuesday....  I can't even begin to say how much fun we had....  They amaze me every time...  haha!!  Ella and I baked a cake, and I swear if Luke was just a tad bit taller he would of gotten to the frosting I put on top of the fridge....  ;)  and I can't forget a last minute lunch with Rosie, Red Lightning needed an oil change so she came to keep me company and eat...  :)  And I got to watch the first little league of the season...  The boys did good, I'm sure it would of been a better game if the kids they played against hadn't been from the high school!  ;)
Oh and I got a special visit from Mr. cough and cold again....  which meant I got to sleep all of friday after work, and all of saturday, minus the few hours I went to work...  argh...  if only I could convince someone/anyone, that this has got to be an allergy?  and then we're on to sunday, I rolled myself out of bed and got ready just in time to meet Isaac, Tracey, Sheila and Steve for a sunday morning tea.....  Oh how we enjoy our fun tea "dates"....  :) 
So there you have it, my week in a nutshell....  I call it my "everything happens for a reason week!" ;)

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DeBran said...

oh! I didn't know that about your Grandma, I'm sorry!!