Sunday, March 6, 2011

Paris in a Cup!

Today we met for tea, at Paris in a cup, a cute little tea place at the Orange circle...  I had never been to the infamous "circle", and let me tell you I feel like I've been missing out, I'm pretty sure i could of spent the whole afternoon there, just looking thru all of the cute antique shops there...  Now I understand why Matt enjoys it there so much!  ;) 
Our tea experience started with these yummy scones!  :)  this place served boysonberry jam....  YUMM!
Then we moved on to little sandwiches and an AMAZING potato soup....  those were tuna, cucumber, and chicken salad "mini" sandwiches...  DUH!  ;)  and that soup is not the one I ordered, BUT I couldn't of been more excited when it arrived, appearantly the one I had picked was not as tasty!  ;)
Sheila and I
Isaac and Tracey
Here's our girl picture!  :)'s to another fun filled tea "lunch", until next time!  :)


C@r!ie said...

ohhhh we need to go there!

DeBran said...

This place looks awesome!