Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grateful thursday!

It's time for a grateful post....  I feel like all I've done in the last few posts is whine and be sad....  when really I have so much to be grateful for!  :)  and really it hasn't been all bad....  ;)  so here is my list of things I have been grateful for in the last few days...  :)

  • Spring and all of the pretty flowers it brings with it...  :)  the flower above sprouted out in my backyard and I thought it was beautiful, naturally it needed a photo shoot!  ;)
  • early morning txt messages when I can't sleep!  ;)  or maybe it's early morning words with friends?
  • pedi's
  • dinner with friends
  • snuggin' with the kids...  I LOVE, LOVE this, and I am definitly grateful that my friends let me spend quality time with their kids... 
  • a sunny afternoon at the park
  • yogurt
  • friendly conversation
  • lunch with friends
  • a REALLY good paying job
  • baby showers
  • serious yet friendly and understanding breakroom conversation! :)
  • doggy nephews, and nap time...
  • soap net.....  haha!  always makes me feel better when i'm sick!
  • Honesty
  • technology
  • red lightning....  :)Photography, I LOVE taking pictures.... and I LOVE that they help me relieve happy memories.. and I love that it allows us to photograph a little piece of nature as well!  :)  This little guy lives on a tree right outside my backyard....  isn't he so handsome??  ;)
So there they are....  Just a few little things that I am grateful and thankful for....  :)

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DeBran said...

:) I like this post. xoxo