Thursday, March 17, 2011

slowly making "progress" ;)

I think I've finally made some progress on my blog today!  and that sure does make me happy!!  haha!  ;)  Today was a great day...  there was a lot of baking, dinner making, friend visiting, and even some blog updating!  ;) I feel like I've really slacked off on my feeling grateful posts...  so why not give it a whirl right now?  It's never too late to stop, and remember all of the things that we/I am grateful for...  :) 
  • This week I'm grateful for GREAT friends...  I know I always say this, BUT I have truly been blessed with great people in my life!  and for that I will ALWAYS be thankful!  there's nothing better than being able to just "drop by" at someone's house and know that you're always welcome!  :)
  • I am also grateful for the kids...  I got to enjoy a fun afternoon with some of my favorite little people this week, YES!  I came home with graham cracker crumbs mashed up in my clothes and hair, sand on feet and a sticky mess of a phone....  BUT it just means that we had a great time!  :) 
  • ...I feel like today I need to thank my cake class teacher, for teaching me amazing things, and for helping to "spark" up the LOVE I have for baking...  Thank  you Shannon!  :)
  • ....and photography and the learning the "how to's" of it!  I've always enjoyed it, and now there are days that I can't wait to go out there and "shoot" ;) and what better way to go back and "relieve" great memories....
  • Disneyland, and all the fun stuff it has to order...  including yummy chinese chicken salad bowls, my new favorite, and countless fun times!  :)
  • ....And Starbucks and the tastylicious variety of drinks they have to offer!
  • and SoapNet, I REALLY need to thank them...  haha!  they kept me entertained with endless episodes of 90210, gilmore girls, and one tree while I was sick, and in bed for 2 days!  :)
  • and lastly I am thankful for my momma...  She's really good about letting me make a mess of her kitchen while I'm "adventuring"...  ;)  thanks mom!  :)
  • oh wait...  I can't forget my grandma, who folds all my laundry and has it waiting for me when I get home....  :)  man am I going to miss her when she goes home!  ;)
  • and Janet's enchilada's...  I think they get tastier everytime I make them...  :)
  • oh and how about strawberry cake and orange flavored mini muffins from scratch?  I am thankful for GREAT recipie's and the fact that they turned out!  ;)
  • and heart to heart talks....  those are always fun and enjoyable, and a good sign that everything's "ok"
  • And words like "yumo, um, hiree, qi and prob" who've earned me 30 plus points this week.... :) THANK-YOU words with friends for finally coming to android!! ;)  and for keeping me well entertained!
    Well there it is...  a fun list of things I am grateful for...  :)  cheesey maybe, but they're the things that make me happy, therefore grateful!!  ;)  I hope everyone had a fun thursday!  I sure did! 

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    DeBran said...

    I really like this list and this post! So cheerful!