Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday Jessica!

Jessica had a birthday so we decided that a girl's night celebration was in order...  some of the girls couldn't make it, but they sure were missed!  Our group at the Melting Pot, or the Melting "Wallet" as we started refering to it at the end of the night!  ;)
mmmmm.... a ying yang something or other drink....  it sure was yummy!   The girls and I thoroughly enjoyed ours!  ;)

Our spread...  that artichoke spinach cheese is TO DIE for!  look at the concentration on Sarah's face!  haha!
The birthday girl....  :)
Naturally I took a picture of my yummy salad! 
time for a birthday song!
Kati joined us a little later!!  :) 
Yay for birthday's and girl's nights!  :)  Hope your day was awesome Jessica!  :)

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