Thursday, March 10, 2011

Disneyland fun!

Thursdays, have I mentioned how much I LOVE thursdays??  ;)  on this day the girls and I decided that a trip to Disneyland would be fun!  so off we were to enjoy the day....  We met up with Sara, and the kids and had a great time!  Nothing beats perfect weather to make the day enjoyable!  ;)
Brody and Jakey Boy got their picture taken with Lightning McQueen....
,,,well we tried!  ;)
.... in the meantime Luke was getting attacked by the "out of control" cotton candy!  lol!  he didn't seem to mind though!  ;)
...and we were off to the crazy ladybug ride....
can you tell how much they like it??  haha!
Jaime and the boys!
haha!  hold on tight Luke!
The girls went up to see Sailor Mickey.....

haha!    silly faces...
Jessica scored these ballons for the kids....  WHOOHOO!

....and they were done!  ;)
Ella was still going though!!  ;)

We did the submarine ride, and enjoyed some "interesting" family "communication while in line....  ;)
Jakey wasn't so sure...  ;)
.....AND I tried the chinese chicken salad for the first time...  I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite!  ;)
Here's to another fun day at D-land....  I think we're almost due for another!  ;0

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