Saturday, March 27, 2010

fun times with friends!

March was a month full of activities and lots of friends..... :) Carlie and I..... having fun at the Easter Party!
Jessica and I ahd a photo shoot at Luke's b-day party! :)
.... and I made it inside the jumpy, with uncle Jared and Luke!! :)
hahaha!!! :)
fun times with friends.... I'm sure there are other pictures.... but I can't seem to find them now!!! ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

a GREAT book......

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes..... I LOVe to pick up books just about anywhere.... and "biographies" or books based on "true stories" are some of my favorites....The other day I ran across this book, and HAD to have it.... It is Petra Nemcova's story about her life, mostly the 2 years leading to the time she found herself stuck in the Tsunami in Thailand a few years back 2004 to be exact.... her story is amazing, and sad, but amazing nonetheless.... she goes into dertail about how helpless she felt, and about how she felt when finding out that the "love of her life" had not made it... It also went a little bit into what she's been doing since that fatefull day The story was amazing, I would recomend it as a great book to read!! :) Now off to find another one to read.... anyone have any suggestions?? I'd love to hear them!

Disneyland for Lukey's 2nd birthday!!

I met Jessica, Bobby and the kids at Disneyland for Luke's 2nd b-day..... we met in the afternoon after I spent the morning at the snow with Isaac and Tracey..... what a fun sunday it turned out to be!! :) here are some fun pictures of our time at Disneyland... we did california adventure first..... did the Bug's Life show, which the kids weren't so sure about..... and then I rode the crazy ladybugs with them..... Now I wasn't crazy about this ride myself...... I think it's gonna be a while before I get on them again!!! hahaha!!!
Waiting in line for the ladybug ride...
Ella was so EXCITED!!! can you tell by the look on her face??
Luke was being shuffled all around the car.... so I picked him up and put him on my lap.... shortly after they STOPPED the ride to tell me he had to sit on his own...... hahaha!! oooopssss.. ;)
the look on my face says it all..... hahaha!!! I think at this point I wanted out!!! ;) and yet, Ella had the BIGGEST smile on her face..... she wanted more.....
Me and Jessica
waiting for the bug show to start!

then we went to Disneyland.... and rode the teacups.... I was much happier on these, for some reason they seemed more "mellow".....
spin faster!!!!
hi mommy, hi daddy!!! hahaha..... she was so excited! :)
Then we went to Downtown Disney and shopped...... Luke found his leftover burrito, wrap thing, so he thought he should help himself to it!! :)
Fireworks..... my camera's not working that well but it captured cool looking pictures of the fireworks..... :)

Mmmmmm..... after the fireworks, we had ice cream cones.... and were they tasty!!! :)
The girls..... :)
we got to hang out in front of the gigantic fish tanki while Bobby and Jessica shopped!! look at all the pretty fish.... oh yeah I kept asking Ella to smile.... and this is what I got!
another bug picture.... this one's out of order! ;)
watching the fireworks.... I LOVE that Luke's so excited!! :)

one more fish tank picture.... I think Ella spotted Nemo, or maybe it was Dori
and there you have it..... another birthday spent at Disneyland.... Happy Birthday Lukey Luke!

Tubbing at Snow Summit......

Isaac and Tracey planned a trip to the mountains to go tubbing.... we went early on sunday morning, I ended up meeting up with them at 8am, at the bottom of the San Bernardino mountains.... I am so grateful that Isaac offered to drive up, I super afraid of heights, and I'm not too fond of driving up the side of any hill.... hahaha!!! we finally made it up the hill by 9 I thiknk, it may of been a little later than that! ;) I was a little worried that I may break something.... lets just say I'm a little on the accident prone side! ;) it turned out to be a GREAT trip filled with lots of fun! and I made it home all in one piece! :) the scenery was amazing, and it wasn't that cold which was awesome.... :) we "tubed" for a few hours I think then we went down the mountain and had lunch! :) the scenery was amazing... It was the first time I'd gone up to the snow this year... and although I know I missed the best part of the season, there was still a significant amount of snow.... which was good, since we were going to be going down the hill inside of rubber tubes! :0

hahaha!! Isaac thought he'd be sneaky and try to throw this "humongous" snow ball at us..... looks like he got caught..... appearantly this is what happens when he spends too much time waiting for the rest of the our group to arrive.... :)

Tracey, Isaac and I.... still waiting! ;)

Smile girls!! :) oh wait I took this one too!! ;)
Tracey picked her tube....
...... I personally liked this one! :)
just sitting around!

a group picture before we headed up the hill!
beautiful! :)
hahaha.... a solo! :0)
waiting around at the top!
hahaha!!! we decided to make a "circle" and all come down at the same time!! It was so fun.... I couldn't wait to do it again! :)
On our way out Tracey spotted this little snowman.... of course it seemed appropriate to take my picture with him! ;) fun times at the snow.... :) after this we trecked back down the hill and stopped a pizza place.... the pizza was amazingly delicious too... i'm sure I ate waaaay too much of it, but it was so good I couldn't stop!! ;) then it was off to Disneyland with the Fanzo's for Lukey luke's b-day! :)

Go yankees!!! Go!!!!

Vincent's on the yankees this year.... I know just my luck!! ;) so Rosie and I decided to make shirts we could wear to the games.... I picked a white tank, all I could find were "dodger" blue letters though.. so I used those... ;) too bad the letters started to split.... so I only got to wear the shirt once... darn!!! :S hahaha.... now that I think about it maybe the Dodger Blue letters couldn't take the fact that they were spelling Yankees..... maybe that's why they didn't last??? ;) here are some pictures from the game.... it was fun times as usual.... and it certaintly gave me itch for baseball season to start.... just a few more days.... I can't wait!!! :D Rosie and I at the game.... Ryan HAD to get the yankee shirts in.... hahaha!!!
I spotted a pretty wild flower on my way to the field... I LOVE spring weather!! :)
Vincent got to pitch at the beggining of the game... he did awesome!! :)
Here's the setup.....
and a "sideways" pitch!! I have no idea why this picture loaded up sideways! :S
...... and the pitch!
then it was time to hit!!! :)

....... strike .......
I'm bummed that this one is sideways too!!! but it's cute anyway!!! the game was fun despite us having to cheer for the Yannkees!!! It's going to be a LONG season... but at least it's baseball! one of my favorite things to do!! ;)