Sunday, March 14, 2010

a room makeover!!! :)

I finally got to move into the new "bigger" room, it took a while but there was a lot that needed to be done before I wanted to move into it!! The main thing was paint.... The room so badly needed to be painted that it wasn't even funny!! ;) I so badly wanted a bright room, and that is exactly what I got... A bright yellow room, just what I wanted!! ;) and of course I had to "document" the process..... I LOVE pictures, and I LOVE that I could blog about it too.... enjoy! Blahhhh.... a white room.... :) this was soon to change!
Thank God Rosie and my sister came to help me.... i would of never been able to paint and move into the room without their help.... Thanks girls!! :D
Yellow..... This was my color of choice!
Gaby was ready to paint too
painting.... painting.... painting!!!
We had a LOT of supplies!
Gaby got to do the High up parts.... pheew....
The wall Rosie was working on was tricky, but it looked great at the end! :)
hahaha..... i would take a time out for a picture! ;)
I hated this wall so much that I decided to finish it in the morning! ;)
The final project! I was gonna take more after pictures, but I think this will do! :) What a great weekend of painting/moving this was.... ;) ok maybe it wasn't great at the time, but when I was finally done de-cluttering and moving it felt great.... and it was something that i desperately needed to do!! :) Thanks again Gaby and Rosie for helping with the painting!


Carlie said...

very nice! I love the yellow :) So cheerful!

B is for Boring said...

Lovely! What a sunny color!

DeBran said...

Yay! I love yellow! And your blog background!

maria said...

thanks guys.... I LOVE the yellow..... :) and YES Bryan and Carlie it is very sunny and cheerful in here!!! hahaha!! Thanks BeBran.... I really liked it when i saw it too! :)