Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Disneyland with the Jensens and Bryan......

During the kids' Spring Break we decided to go to D-land for the afternoon... Wednesdays seem to work the best, so we all met after Bryan and I got off work.... Sheri and the kids went earlier... It was probably the most crowded it had ever been for us... so crowded that we had to park in a parking lot AWAY from the park and take a shuttle over... the shuttle was a 10 minute ride.... other than that it was ok.... the "kid" rides are usually not that crowded so were good!! :) I had a new "friend" this time around and it was awesome.... Paige was literally attached to me the whole time... I must say it was a nice change... :) Me and the girly, girls! :)
Sheri and Catherine on thunder mountain railroad
Bryan and Bryce on the thunder mountain
Aunt Mimac and Paige, If I remember correctly it was her first time on the ride... then again maybe it was the second?? these D-land trips are starting to all run together now! ;)
We ate at the Bear Country Restaurant this time around and discovered that they sold funnel cakes... of course we had to get one!! ;) it wasn't until Bryce asked if we were going to take a picture, before he dug in.... hahaha (guess we've trained them well ;)) that i realized the whipped cream was a hidden mickey... I'm not sure I can explain how excited i was.... hahaha.... of course we had to photograph ourselves with it... ;) and yes the funnel cake was delicious... definitly not as good as one from Knott's but still VERY good! :)
Me and Paige.... hahaha.... see I said "attached" she wouldn't leave my side... it was wonderful! :)
Bryan taking a bite... yummmm.....
hahaha!!! this is the shuttle we had to take to D-land and back.... on the inside it looked like a bus.... not sure I want to take that thing again!