Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Sheri!!!

It has become "tradition" to go celebrate birthday's at Disneyland for us.... last year we convinced Bryan to get a pass with us, he agreed, and we had a year full of fun.... he had so much fun that he went ahead and renewed again this year!!! YAY!!! We met last wednesday after school and work to celebrate Sheri's birthday, and we spent just a few hours there but it was GREAt fun!! :) here's our group shot!! :)
waiting in line at the tower of terror.... and my attempt at a picture!! :)

This picture cracks me up..... It was the first time Bryan and Catherine had ever been on the ride.... and I'm not sure Bryan liked it so much!! ;)
Catherine and I on the caterpillar at california adventure!
Sheri and paige

this was in the bumper cars at california adventure..... I'm pretty sure this is where my camera decided to stop working.... ok, it's still sort of working... :/
hahahaha!!! this picture cracks me up!
our group shot again.... say cheese everyone!! :)
YAY!!! I got everyone in the picture!! hahaha!!!
Paige, Catherine and Bryce!
Bryan, Sheri and I :)
Paige and Aunt Mimac....
Catherine and the pretzel ear
In the haunted mansion
Bryce and Bryan in the haunted mansion

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