Thursday, March 25, 2010

Go yankees!!! Go!!!!

Vincent's on the yankees this year.... I know just my luck!! ;) so Rosie and I decided to make shirts we could wear to the games.... I picked a white tank, all I could find were "dodger" blue letters though.. so I used those... ;) too bad the letters started to split.... so I only got to wear the shirt once... darn!!! :S hahaha.... now that I think about it maybe the Dodger Blue letters couldn't take the fact that they were spelling Yankees..... maybe that's why they didn't last??? ;) here are some pictures from the game.... it was fun times as usual.... and it certaintly gave me itch for baseball season to start.... just a few more days.... I can't wait!!! :D Rosie and I at the game.... Ryan HAD to get the yankee shirts in.... hahaha!!!
I spotted a pretty wild flower on my way to the field... I LOVE spring weather!! :)
Vincent got to pitch at the beggining of the game... he did awesome!! :)
Here's the setup.....
and a "sideways" pitch!! I have no idea why this picture loaded up sideways! :S
...... and the pitch!
then it was time to hit!!! :)

....... strike .......
I'm bummed that this one is sideways too!!! but it's cute anyway!!! the game was fun despite us having to cheer for the Yannkees!!! It's going to be a LONG season... but at least it's baseball! one of my favorite things to do!! ;)


Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

you know, you can turn the pictures right side up before posting them....

maria said...

yes..... but for some reason theyh kept loading sideways, EVEN after I fixed them, soooo...... I just left them!! :)