Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tubbing at Snow Summit......

Isaac and Tracey planned a trip to the mountains to go tubbing.... we went early on sunday morning, I ended up meeting up with them at 8am, at the bottom of the San Bernardino mountains.... I am so grateful that Isaac offered to drive up, I super afraid of heights, and I'm not too fond of driving up the side of any hill.... hahaha!!! we finally made it up the hill by 9 I thiknk, it may of been a little later than that! ;) I was a little worried that I may break something.... lets just say I'm a little on the accident prone side! ;) it turned out to be a GREAT trip filled with lots of fun! and I made it home all in one piece! :) the scenery was amazing, and it wasn't that cold which was awesome.... :) we "tubed" for a few hours I think then we went down the mountain and had lunch! :) the scenery was amazing... It was the first time I'd gone up to the snow this year... and although I know I missed the best part of the season, there was still a significant amount of snow.... which was good, since we were going to be going down the hill inside of rubber tubes! :0

hahaha!! Isaac thought he'd be sneaky and try to throw this "humongous" snow ball at us..... looks like he got caught..... appearantly this is what happens when he spends too much time waiting for the rest of the our group to arrive.... :)

Tracey, Isaac and I.... still waiting! ;)

Smile girls!! :) oh wait I took this one too!! ;)
Tracey picked her tube....
...... I personally liked this one! :)
just sitting around!

a group picture before we headed up the hill!
beautiful! :)
hahaha.... a solo! :0)
waiting around at the top!
hahaha!!! we decided to make a "circle" and all come down at the same time!! It was so fun.... I couldn't wait to do it again! :)
On our way out Tracey spotted this little snowman.... of course it seemed appropriate to take my picture with him! ;) fun times at the snow.... :) after this we trecked back down the hill and stopped a pizza place.... the pizza was amazingly delicious too... i'm sure I ate waaaay too much of it, but it was so good I couldn't stop!! ;) then it was off to Disneyland with the Fanzo's for Lukey luke's b-day! :)

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