Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friends are like stars....

......we may not always see them, but we know that they're always there.... :) this is one of my favorite quotes, it's so true.... Jen, Sheri and I met at Cal State Fullerton YEARS ago, Jen lives in another state, but we're lucky enough to see her at least 2 times a year, if not more!! She's in town this week for her little sisters bridal shower, so we thought we'd meet up for dinner and a little "catch" up girl talk.... we had the best time sitting by the fire pit at her parents house while all the kids ran around wildly in the backyard!!! :)

Jen, Sheri and I.... Catherine chasing Justin around!!! hahaha!!! They're sooooo like brother and sister, it's not even funny!!! ;) photography by Catherine I think.... I love that the kids are big enough to take pictures of us now!! ;) the fire pit was nice and warm, it was chilly out that night! Bryce finally decided he wanted a picture with me... I have no idea why it didn't load right side up???? :/ hahaha.... take my picture Aunt Mimac.... I'm making a silly face! :) of course Paige had to join in!!! hahaha!!! ;) here's her silly face! and another one
we made smores, to keep the kids entertained!!! :) Paige wanted a picture with her'sJason making his first smore! he did a good job, until he started waving the hanger and hot marshmallow around wildlly.... hahaha!! that was the end of that idea! ;) hahaha!!! Jen looks surprised!!! :)

We had such a fun time.... the kids all got to hang out, and us girls got to catch up.... there's nothing better than pizza, smores, and a jacuzzi with friends.... ok maybe there is... the BIGh bear hugs from the kids always make my day.... and Jason came running at me with a flower he picked for me.... and he kept calling me auntie.... hahaha!!! how I love these kids.... :) oh and I can't forget about Justin's excitement when he found out we might "run" into each other at Disneyland on monday!!! that kid had a grin from ear to ear! They love me.... this I know!!! ;)

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Nelson said...

i love ur quote! so true