Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a VERY special project! :)

My cousin found out she was pregnant what seems like a few months ago... but really it's been awhile!!! ;) as soon as she said that we started planning for a shower and a special gift.... :) last time I knitted her a blanket.... I LOVE homemade gifts... and they loved it as well... my mom and sister knitted one's of their own as well! This time around I wanted to try something different... A lady i work with is a big time quilter, she had helped me make one before... ( I should find those pictures and blog about it... it was my first one after all ;)) and she insisted that I make another..... so after numerous set and cancelled dates, we finally got to get together and make one.... I was so excited when we went out shopping for the fabric.... I fell in love with it, right away!!! :) And of course I had to take pictures from the beginning!! enjoy the quilt makin' pictures!! ;) ironing what was going to be the back piece of the quilt!

This was the faberic I used for one of the squares.... I think this one was my favorite!

this one was half of the other squares

and the back again.....

this fabric was the other half of the second square...

cutting the squares in half

attaching all the pieces together

making sure all the pieces "fit"

almost done..... just a few more squares!!! :) the finished product!!! :)
a close up! :)

I had so much fun making this one!!! :) I can't wait to make the next one!! ;)


jessica said...

how cute! look how talented you are! i'm sure she loved it! :)

maria said...

awww.... thanks! and she did!! I almost didn't finish it though.... you should of seen me scrambling to finish at the airport and in the airplane!!! ;)

B is for Boring said...

Beautiful blankie...