Sunday, January 10, 2010

baby, shower invitations, misc... family pictures!!!

My sister and I planned a baby shower for my cousin in early january.... we ended up making the invitations... they turned out so cute... the shower ended up not happening.... but I thought I'd post the pictures of us making them anyway.... we had a fun time and they turned out super cute!! :) we used lots and lots of ribbon!!
working so hard to make sure that the ribbon and the paper were even..... :) can you see the concentration on my face??? ;)
all done!!! :)
Sisco, Gaby and Mike's puppy hung out while we worked on our special project!! :) awwww... how cute is he???
A few days later Baby Mateo stopped by to visit..... and he fell asleep on my arms.... I LOVE it when that happens!! :)
Marquitos found himself some fun toys to play with!!
say cheese!!! :)

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