Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursdays are my favorite!!!! :-D

What a GREAT thursday today was.... I met Jessica and the kids for lunch at the italian deli in old town.... I guess Child's Play is next door... so off we went to enjoy ourselves.... it was lots of fun.... more fun than I expected I think!! ;) Ella had so much fun playing in the balls that I had to take her picture!! :) I wish I would of gotten one of Luke too.... but he was too fast for
me, and all i got was the back of his head!! hahaha!! :)
on our way out Ella found this crayon painted on the wall and told me to take her picture with it.... so I did.... :)

so cute!! :)

after we left child's play and the deli I headed for a much needed massage.... and it was everything that I thought it would be.... :) It was heavenly like usual!! Thanks Shaunna! On my way home I decided to stop by Kohl's, I had a couple of things to return.... on my way back out to my car I spotted this purse.... I was sooooo excited!! I have been looking for a yellow purse for who knows how long! and there it was.... so of course I had to get it!! and I'm so excited to change everything over, it's not even funny!!

YAY! for fun filled thursdays!!! :)

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