Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Phil!

For Phil's b-day Christina planned a night at Medieval Times..... I had never been, I don't think it was what I expected.... bit then again I'm not sure what I expected..... hahaha!!! ;) we had a great time though....... it was a lot of fun, and the food was actually pretty good.... oh and the show was good too!!! ;) here are some pictures from the night! :) Christina, Phil and I, we were ready to celebrate!! :)

My very delicious "fruity drink".... half pina colada, half strawberry daiquiri....
guess I liked it alright.... :)

Phil got a sword too.... and with that in one hand and a guinness in the other he was a happy "boy"!!! ;)
an attempt at a picture with the knight...
we opted for solos instead!!

getting ready to go inside the arena!
the menu wasn't bad

the first course, a tomato bisque, which I thouroughly enjoyed!!

let the "games" begin!

then it was time for dessert.... the most amazingly warm fresh out of the oven apple turnover I've EVER eaten! ;) it was soooooo good that I ate 2!! :)
and that was all for the show.... and dinner.... :)


B is for Boring said...

wow... I remember that place from when I was a kid... I havent been in probably 20 years... The turnover looks super good...

maria said...

yeah it was fun.... Ii had driven by it a million and one times but I'd never been in there..... and yeah the turnover was heavenly!! I can't even begin to tell how heavenly it was!!! hahaha!!!!