Sunday, February 28, 2010

happy Birthday Heather, The vintage steakhouse

My friend Heather had a birthday and what better way to celebrate than with a little surprise dinner in Ssan Juan Capistrano..... Her boyfriend Matt planned for all of us to get together for dinner at 8..... We had a great time as usual and the place was so cute..... the food was amazing too!!! :)

it was raining outside so we all arrived super early for our reservations.... Charles decided this would be just a good a time as any to take pictures, of Me, Angie, and Casey! ;)

we waited in the bar for the rest of our party to arrive..... we had to pull charles away from his facebook "mobil" so he could join us for a group picture!! Smile everyone!

The birthday girl and i

This was the best b-day present ever, personalized wine bottles, they were so cute.... Jennie had them personalized with pictures of Heather's 3 dogs.... such a cute idea.... heather loved it, oh and I guess the wine is actually pretty good, so that's a plus too!! :)
Heather and Sara..... say cheers girls!
we ate at the Vintage Steakhouse in San Juan Capistrano.... the food was amazing!! of course I would take pictures.... would you expect anything else?? ;) hahaha.... The dinner salad was actually pretty good, very tasty..... I ordered the Prime top sirloin which was delicious!! I always LOVE a good steak!! :) it came with creamed corn and mashed potatoes, both which were really good!

Heather and her Matt! :)

Group shot taken with Charles' NEW camera.....
group shot with the "pink" camara!! fun times with friends...... Happy Birthday Heather!!
Yummy Birthday cake!!! :)
make a wish!!

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