Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear John..... my review!! :)

Nicholas Sparks has got to be my most favorite author EVER!! I own all of his books, and I'm sure I've read them all at least 2 or 3 times, and I have watched all the movies as well.... the last book I re-read was Dear John, the book was great... the story line was amazing, and I couldn't wait to watch the movie.... so last weekend my sister and I decided to go watch it.... The movie was also great.... but in it's own way, I was kind of confused at first, because the movie and the book were nothing alike, the story line was sort of the same, the names of the characters were the same too.... but the characters were different.... hahaha!! I think that was the weirdest part for me, because all of the other movies/books have been pretty close... not this one....
Although I felt like they left some important parts of the book out, the movie was amazing.... and I would recommend that everyone watches it!!! :) enjoy!!
I just saw a preview for "the last song" another Nicholas Sparks movie that is going to the big screen! I can't wait to watch that one too!! :)

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