Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maria..... why don't you just use the key?? :/

hmmmmm..... my friday night adventure was so "adventurous" that it deserves a post of it's own.... The only thing I'm sorry for is that we took no pictures.... Oh Well, hindsight's 20/20... right?? ;) so I will do my best to paint the story just as it happened, with judst words!!! :-) enjoy!!!!

so I got to hang out with my friend Rosie's son for the evening..... his grandparents would come on saturday, I got off work at 2 and preceded to drive out to pick my kid up at school.... :) he txt messaged me his location every 5 minutes it seemed like..... i was to pick him up at the shopping center by his school, he walked and treated himself to a subway sandwich.... we then went to his house and "relaxed".... ok I relaxed while he watched tv. for a little while! I had told him that we could go out and do something fun for the afternoon..... I didn't want us to be bored... ;) i said he could choose the movies, bowling or mulligans, finally he decided on mulligans... so off we went, first to my house so I could grab some stuff for the night and for work the next morning..... :)
Mulligans was GREA T fun.... Vincent is an only child, so it's fun to be his playmate.... hahaha.... he's not really used to losing, and he's super competitive too..... and what do you know? I beat the pants out of him on our first mini golf game..... the funny thing is that I'm NOT good minitature golf at all.... and he knew that.... hahaha.... oh well, originakky we were only going to play one game and then move on, but when he lost he decided he wanted to play the second course.... he did tell me when we started the second one that we would be playing for "fun" no score keeping!! ;) hahaha..... that quickly changed around the 3rd hole when he noticed that I was experiencing "bad luck"..... naturally he won the second game, and then it was time to go eat, we were both starving.... :) we ended up eating pizza at Mulligans and then going home!
On the way home he made plans of watching a movie, while we curled up on the couch.... It sounded heavenly to me, it was starting to get chilly and it looked like it might rain, then we remembered about the homemade cheesecake that was waiting for us at the house.... oh man we couldn't wait to get home!!! :D and then we got there...... :/ this is when the "adventure" began.......
we pulled up to the house got my stuff out of the trunk and walked up to the door..... Vincent looked confused and said, "ummmm, did you lock the door?" I replied, "yes...", he looked at me again and said.... "why?" HAHAHA!!! I should of known then.... :) I told him "I have a key hang on!!!" and I walked up to the door, put the key in and turned it..... Oh, oh.... the door didn't open, and the lock was still locked, ummmm.... let me try this again, put the key in, turn the key, push door.... right?? then why wasn't it working?? argh.... ok let's try it again, pull knob towards me, put the key in, turn the key, hear a click, push door open???? nothing.... by this time Vincent had gone to the back to get the dogs..... while I tried the door again and again..... when he came back he asked why I had locked the door again!!! I had nothing for him!!! except that at my house the door is locked and the keys both lock and unlock the doors..... I know I said, let's try a window.... we can't do that he said, we just got new shutters, and more secure windows..... which makes sense in a house whose doors are not locked!!!! HONESTLY!!!! oh yeah I forgot to mention I locked the back door too when we left.... it made sense to me...... :/ after about 45 minutes of fighting with the door I gave in and called my friend and her husband.... they didn't answer so we sent a txt, and left..... I needed a smoothie of some sort..... ugh.... halfway there they called back, they couldn't understand why the door wouldn't just open?? why was I not using the key?? they asked did you wiggle the door?? push it? pull it? put the key and turn it?? yes i replied to all of these... they suggested we go and try it again, so we did.... nothing happened, just like I knew it wouldn't.... this time we gave up much quicker and went to my sisters house.... she said she wanted to give it a try!!! at this point I think people were starting to think I was stupid!!! hahaha..... and I was getting close to losing my patience..... while at myh sisters though I swallowed my pride and admitted defeat as I called the grandparents and told them what happened, by now it was 9 o'clock, and I was so frustrated that I offered to drive him out to their house in Brea..... no that's ok his grandma said, hmmmmm..... let me see.... if I leave now I can be out there in about an hour she said..... at that point I was even more confused.... why would you be coming out here? I asked her?? she said "maria, I have a KEY"....... argh!!!! SO DO I, I told her..... it's not working..... at that point i told her to hold off, my sister would go give the door a try once again, and we would call her back..... so off we went AGAIN!!!! This time i was determined to get in the house..... I was going to do whatever it took, my sister was super confident that she would be able to open it on her first try.... boy was she wrong..... we fought and pleaded with the door for about half an hour maybe it was longer.... vincent kept cheering us on, telling us there was cheesecake on the other side..... i was getting frustrated, and finally I remembered that in movies people break in to homes using their credit cards, so off I went to my car, to grab a victoria secret gift card thing I had and a coupon card..... I tried both, and finally the door opened..... YAY!!!!!! :) now this was by no means my proudest moment, bit i was willing to do anything..... by the time we got that stupid door opened, my sister home and then back to the house it was almost 11..... way too late for both of us to stay up any longer..... so we went right to bed!
Vincent did tell me that he overall he had a really fun night..... the downside of the night for him was the moment that I decided to lock the door, appearantly, I replied, YES, but at least we know you'll be safe in the morning when I leave for work and LOCK the door..... to which he replied, yeah I'm pretty sure I have a 3 hour time frame before anyone can open the door.... hahahaha!!! Oh and before he went to bed he said..... Maria, you're not very good at breaking into people's house's, maybe you should keep your day job..... hahaha!!! Gotta love the humor of an 11 year old..... and that's all for my friday night "Nightmare" adventure!!! :) Oh and they will be putting in a new lock when they get home..... one that likes to be unlocked with a key!! ;)

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