Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome Baby Lucciana!!

Baby Lucciana arrived on Ash wednesday, February 17th at 9:30am.... she came two weeks early and by emergency c-section.... :) She was a small babay, at 4lbs, 14 ounces and 18 inches long, and she had to spend a few more days in the hospital than we would of wanted, but thankfully she is doing fine now, as i write this blog 2 and a half weeks later.... ;) I was lucky enough to have "accidentally" had a wed/thurs off together, so off I went to see mommy, daddy, Vides, and baby for 2 days! :) I had a great time and i was reallly glad that I got to visit with them, it made me feel better that I could "check" on the baby and make sure that everything was good.... :) Vides and I got to spend some quality time together which I always love.... I thouroughly enjoyed my time up north that is until my flight home got delayed for 4 hours.... By that point I thought I may NEVER make it home.... :( Here are some pictures of the two days.... :)
mami and papi with Lu, as is her new nickname.... In my family EVERYONE has a nickname, its funny I have some family members whose "real" names I don't even know!! hahaha
Baby Lu, she looked so good, and for that we were grateful, she gave us quite a scare!!
Lu and Tia MJ..... The baby was in a special nursery, but the nurses let me "sneak" in so I could see her... and of course i had to take our first picture together before I left!! :)
the rest are phone pictures I took so I could send to the family back in so cal..

look at all that hair!!!

She was so alert.... in this picture she looks just like V, her older sister did when she was a baby!! :)

when we were done visiting Lu, we went back to the room and my cousin opened her care packages from her so cal family!!! she was so excited!! :)
My mom knitted the baby a blanket.....
..... and made matching scarves for bea and Vides.... so cute!!! :)
and I made the "famous" quilt!! :)