Sunday, February 6, 2011

PF Changs for mom's b-day!

We usually take my mom out to a family dinner to celebrate her b-day....  This year she decided on PF Changs....  We seriously LOVE that place...  :)  so off we went to celebrate, the restaurant was empty...  Guess that's what happens when you celebrate on Super Bowl Sunday!  ;)
My grandma and my mom!  :)
Haha!!  this picture cracks me up....  I think it's because the excitement on Gaby's face when the dessert shots arrived was PRICELESS!!!  ;)
haha!!  she went ahead and ordered 2!  :)
awwww...  aren't they so cute?
a family shot!!  :)
Grandma, mom and the kids!!  :)
They requested a picture in front of this wall with their orchids!!  ;)
My brother and the moms!  :)
The sky was AMAZING when we left....  Naturally I needed to snap a picture!  It seriously amazes me how God paints such a beautiful sky for us!  and it's always "just because"!  :)

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