Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What better way to spend a tuesday afternoon than going to Disneyland?  I seriously LOVE, LOVE my season pass...  and I definitly get the most out of it!  ;)  So the girls and I went ahead and went after I got off of work today!  The day couldn't of been nicer....  It was clear and the weather was perfect....  :) 
We started off by getting cotton candy and kettle corn at Downtown Disney...  Ella was in Heaven!  ;)
Then we were off to Tom Sawyer's Island....  :)
.... and Pirates, it seems to always be our first ride!  ;)
Brody and Ella were so cute, holding hands!  ;)
hahaha!!!  that cotton candy could NOT have been any bigger!
....Jakey wanted just a little bit!!  haha!!  look at that reach!
the girls....  :)
Jake and I took a trip on Dumbo....  I can honestly say he wasn't a fan...  :/
.... and then we rode the storybook ride....  and nope there weren't any christmas trees this time!!  ;)
Ella and Luke got to "steer" our boat....
Mr. Owen!! this kid is seriously ALWAYS happy!!  :)
.... and Mr. Luke....  he REALLY wanted to go on the woody ride, the line was a little long...  so I handed over my phone...  see that smile?  it's "angry birds" related...  haha!!! 

..... and there we are, at the end of another fun Disneyland trip....  I already feel like I need another one!  ;)

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