Saturday, February 5, 2011 more baby shower!! ;)

Nothing like a fun saturday afternoon baby shower to get us all ready to party with friends and family! 
My grandma was excited to go hang out with the "ladies"....  haha!!  :)
I LOVE this picture of my mom and grandma...  :)
.....and of course we needed a "girl" picture....  our 3 generation picture I call it!
The baby shower was sport themed....  naturally I had to take a picture of the fun napkin rings they "crafted"...  sooooo cute!!  :)
awwww.....  the little sister...  we were ready to "shower" away!!  ;)
.....Xanti, Dianita, Gaby and I....  there's nothing like catching up with these girls...  :)  "family" baby showers are a good place for that!  ;)
Congratulations Jose and Ana, we can't wait to meet the little one!!  :)

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