Sunday, February 20, 2011

flowers, flowers everywhere!

I really believe that God gives us "signs" to re-assure us that everything in life is going to work out...  that no matter what happens he will be there to take care of us!  :)  this weekend I went up to visit my cousin Bea....  I can't believe it's been almost 6 years since her mom, my aunt Rena passed away...   I remember the day like it was yesterday...  It was sudden and unexpected, in that time my cousin has had 2 beautiful baby girls, and we always laugh because the girls couldn't be any more "girly"...  haha!!  They LOVE barbies, tutu's and dresses, where as my cousin was the complete opposite...  ;)  My aunt  would of been so proud...  It was pouring rain almost the whole time I was up there...  and I saw these beautiful flowers for the first time on friday...  i remember thinking wow...  the rain does wonders for flowers here...  and then on sat. my cousin asked me if I had seen her mom's flowers...  I said no, which ones?  and she said..  the only one's that are blooming out there...  haha!  she told me that these were planted shortly before her mom passed away...  and they come up every year around this time....  Spring I guess...  and they stay for a long time...  It's the only flower in the yard that blooms like this every year...  My cousin said it makes her feel like her mom is still here "watching" her and the girls...  how wonderful is that??  Naturally I had to go photograph them...  and lucky for me, the rain decided to stop, just long enough for me to do this!!  :)
then I found these guys right next to them....  there was only two of these but they were so bright and beautiful that I had to take their picture too!!  ;)

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