Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pinapple chicken!!! YUMMMM

I have always loved to cook, but I didn't used to do it often because for a LONG time my mom didn't work, so I always came home to a home cooked meal..... which meant I didn't have to cook!! I know pathetic!! :-) hahaha!!! Well good ol' mom went back to work a few months ago, so I've had to use my fantastic cooking skills to whip up a dinner here and there!!! Today I was at work racking my brain about what sounded good... I wanted something easy though, and something that wouldn't require much shopping time!!! I know... picky,picky! ;) I started to pick things up that we needed and while in the produce department I ran across a recipe magazine/book thing titled Best ever chicken cookbook recipes made in 30 minutes or less!!!! WHAAAATTTT??? I immediatly picked it up thumbed through it and decided on dinner right there on the spot!!! hahaha It was actually really easy to make, below are the ingredients that it took, all pretty basic I think!!! There are ingredients there to make banana cream pie too!!! the pie crust jumped in my basked as I was walking down the bake aisle!! ;)

This is what the chicken looked like after it was all done and ready to eat.... sorry the presentation isn't the best.... but I was feeling lazy, and I didn't want to do more dishes!!! hahahah

I served it on top of white rice!! It was delicious!!! :) And my parents approved!!! WHOOHOO!!!
I was feeling adventurous and decided that I should make dessert too!! I never realized how easy making a pie was..... all it took was some banana pie pudding, two sliced bananas, and some cool whip... I poured it all into the ready made nilla wafer crust and WAA - LLA!!! Dinner in literally less than 45 minutes...... I had to add time for the pie too!! :)
interested in the recipe?? I can email it to you!! I have no idea how to post the recipe on here!! :( anyone wanna give bloggin' lessons??


Melissa Marie said...

I had banana pie tonight, too! That chicken looks mighty tasty! ;)

B is for Boring said...

Amazing... you should have a cooking show! Maria's 30 min meals...