Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The worst present EVER..... as of yet!!! ;)

Hahaha!!!! This is by far the worst present I've ever given.... and the video totally confirmed it!!! :-) when I got it I couldn't help but laugh!!! I have a feeling that this present/video is going to follow me FOREVER!!!! ;)

My cousin only got the end part of it..... so I will explain.... My God daughter Vides LOVES curious George, so for Christmas I found these AWESOME monkey slippers..... She LOVED them, but for some reason she never was able to walk in them!!! She kept putting them on and trying only to fall over in them EVERYTIME!!! now my brother being the nice person that he is thought this was hilarious so he made it a point to continue to make her try, eventually she gave up and threw them at him, saying she couldn't do it!!! Then they went home, my cousin said the baby found them again the other day in her closet and decided to give it a whirl once again..... only to FAIL once again.... and this is the only part that she got, needless to say, that I think the "George" slippers have been safely put away for fear that they may hurt someone...Oh yeah, and thanks to the invention of camera/video phones EVERYONE got to relieve a little piece of that fateful evening a few months ago, when I may have gone down as giving the worst present yet!!! hahaha!!! at least it's been entertaining for all the adults!!! ;-)


B is for Boring said...

geez... she really hates them... ;-)

maria said...

hahaha!!!! funny she LOVED them at first!!! I think she hates them out of frustration!!! :)