Wednesday, May 6, 2009

flowers anyone!!! ;)

So Jessica had a Cinco de Mayo thing for Ella and her friends..... and me!!! ;) after a delicioso almuerzo of home made chicken enchiladas, we prepared to make a craft...... Now I'm not really the "crafty" type...... until I get into it, It's not something I would "choose" to do, I'm more of the scrapbooker, sower, croche-er, knitter type!!! hahaha!! There's a little trivia for everyone! ;) But let me tell you guys that I thoroughly enjoyed myself making this bouquet of flowers!!! I started out helping little Kaelyn with her "craft", we made two of two of them for her I think, maybe three.... and then she moved on!!! hahaha
The pink one in front with the dark pink edges is my favorite I think!! and the one of the bottom looks AWESOME too!!! I like the two different types of paper put together!!! This is what my bouquet ended up looking like...... I kinda liked it!!! Just ask Jessica I told her I did!!! hahaha!!! and with Jessica's final touches it was done!!! Now I h ave a super cute bouquet of flowers for my room!!! YIIPPPEEE!!!! and YES! I did enjoy the craft very much!! :) I think I may even attempt to make another!! ;) And what is a Cinco de Mayo party without two children running around in sombreros??? ;)

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