Monday, May 4, 2009

just a thought!!!

So here I am having this conversation with yet another person who questions if my life is a "happy" one!!! hahaha!!! This was sometime last week, so I've had time to really think it out ;) Now I think that for the most part I've lead an amazingly full life..... It's true I'm not married and I don't have kids, but I have the love of my family and the friends that surround me, and most importantly I have the love of all of the kids that come with them, and they get to go home eventually!! ;)
This weekend was an indication of all of the "LOVE" that I am surrounded with in my daily life... on friday we went to celebrate Mike's birthday and there was a big group of us, it's weird to see all those "kids" that my sister grew up with be "grown-ups" They've all grown up, gotten married and had children!! hahaha!!! I think there was like 8 kids there, at one point I took 2 of them out for a "walk" they needed to release some much needed energy and I needed to vacate the premisses of a crowded booth and restaurant... so off we went down the tunnel at Dos Lagos, THEY LOVED IT!!! at the end of the path we found a concert which they both insisted that we stay and watch, Bryan the 6 year old was too funny, he kept trying to convince me that this was his FAVORITE band, while Makailyn was off to the side dancing by herself.... a very nice couple sitting sort of next to us turned to me and said.... WOW!!! your kids are full of energy today..... as I started to reply that they werent mine, Bryan jumped up gave me the BIGGEST hug and said this is our aunt Maria and WE LOVE HER!!! :) hahahaha!!! all I could do was smile at the couple and say, how can I argue with that??? :) the song ended and that was our cue to go, as we walked down the path holding hands I couldn't help but feel a little proud!!! Bryan had jsut made my day!!! :)
On sunday it happened again..... This time at Bryce and Catherine's performance at Church.... It was funny I went in and sat down.... and suddently I see the hand of a blond 5 year old boy waving frantically at me and pointing!!! as I waved back he had the biggest grin on his face... That's my aunt Mimac he said.... I couldn't help but feel a little embarresed.... I was in a room full of people BUT he was so happy to see me!!! as we waited for the performance to begin I could see him telling his friends that I was there!!! hahaha!!! CHEESY.... I know but once again my day was complete, and then there was Paige who told me she loved me, on our way to the dessert table at lunch!!! hahaha!!! a girl after my own heart! dessert..... ;)
Now on to monday..... when I met Jessica and the kids for ice cream and the park!!! It's always fun to see the look on Ella's face when she sees me, she gets so exctied and I love hearing her call my name.... And now Luke's starting to do it too... which is totally awesome!!! (that's totally my cousins saying, hahaha) Then there's the play with me Mia, and the ice cream eating that comes with it too!!! and just a little while ago, I talked to V, my god-daughter she told me that she missed me, and loved me, then she gave me a kiss and a hug through the phone!!! once again... day's complete!!! hahaha!!!
I sit here writing this and I think, how could my life not be almost complete? and I say almost because I know there is more out there for me.... It just doesn't appear to be in the cards right now, and I'm ok with that, because I know that when the time does come it will be AMAZING!!! In the mean time I will continue to be someone's "Aunt Mimac, someone's Mia and V's Tia MJ"...... All I can say is that I'm thankfull that God has allowed me to be surrounded by my amazing friends who have allowed me to be a BIG part of their kids lives, and theirs too..... hahaha!!! I wouldn't want to sound like a creepy creep!! ;) here's to more happy and fun filled times surrounded by loved ones!!! :)


DeBran said...

this is too cute! you are so positive!

jessica said...

the kids love their mia! :)

B is for Boring said...

Wow... I so feel the same way... I am so content being Mr. Bryan... I don't get why people think I am unhappy or incomplete... whatevs...