Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a basketball lesson..... from my mom!!!

Isn't it funny how we learn the most random things from our parents???? here we were sitting down for dinner today.... I made hamburgers!!! ;) My dad was still at work, (and he doesn't like sports!) so the TV was ours for the taking tonight.... in the wake of the NBA finals, and because I felt like giving basketball ONE more chance, I decided that we should watch the Lakers game while we ate.... Mike was excited!!! ;) hahaha!!! here I was trying to understand what was going on on the TV when I hear my mom start to clap and go YEAHHH!!!! right along side of Mike.... My sister and I looked at each other WTF???? and then we looked at my mom, who was sooooo excited for the game!! hahaha.... then I remembered SHE used to play when she was younger, now it all made sense.... Then during the commercial she preceds to tell us that back in the day when my uncles were MUCH younger, and athletic, they used to go by the name of the "elastic" brothers!! hahaha!!! It makes sense to me, both my uncles are like 6'4" (I know that's how I got to be so tall ;) It's funny 'cause I haven't seen either one of them in like 20 years, but I could totally picture them playing when my mom was telling us stories about how they used to play basketball all the time when they were kids!!! It really made me miss all of my family back in Guatemala, even though we talk to them often, it's not the same as seeing someone in person!!! SO today I finally watched a FULL game of basketball along side my mom, and SHE was doing all the explaining..... GO FIGURE!!!! Oh yeah and GO LAKERS!!! I think???


B is for Boring said...

The elastic brothers hua?

maria said...

hahaha!!! I guess a better translation would of been the elastic brothers.... ;)